Forgotten Classics

All authors have that one, famous book, the one that defines their entire career. When you think of Charles Dickens, you think of David Copperfield and Oliver Twist. When you think of Mary Shelley, you think of Frankenstein, and Charlotte Bronte is immediately associated with Jane Eyre. In this segment I read the lesser-known works of famous authors, as well as books that were popular in their own time but have fallen out of fashion.

Lit Major Abroad

As a traveller I love visiting book-related places. In Lit Major Abroad, I share photos and stories from my trips. Click here for all Lit Major Abroad posts.

A Lit Major At The Movies

Here I review movie adaptations of books, and films about authors, reading, or literature more generally. Click here for all Lit Major At The Movies posts.

Reading Challenges

I love a challenge when it comes to reading books. Luckily, there are plenty of book-related challenges out there. Among other things I aim to read one hundred classics by 2018. Follow the links below for specific challenges, or click here for all reading challenge-related posts.

Prompts, Memes, and Other Fun Things

Many of my favourite blogs run regular segments, including prompts and memes. You can click here for all of my entries to these various events. I frequently participate in:


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