Welcome to Majoring in Literature! I’m Sara, and as you’ve probably already guessed, I’m a literature major with a passion for books and reading and a little too much spare time on my hands. I’m also currently one or all of the following:

  1. Finishing a degree in literature
  2. Panicking about my future as I have no qualifications apart from said degree in literature
  3. Reading more than two books at once
  4. Living in Croatia
  5. A girl

This blog is the place where I share book reviews, travel stories, and anything else that takes my fancy. Among other things I hope that I will be able to:

  1. Share reviews of the books I’m reading
  2. Finally get through all the books on my To-Read shelf
  3. Find out what others think about the books I’m reading
  4. Expand my reading tastes and experiment with some new genres
  5. Gain the ability to boast about the fact that I have finally grasped twenty-first century media
  6. Make lots of numbered lists (because I really like making lists)

I hope you’ll find something here to interest, amuse, or even just divert you. I love feedback, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment or send me a message.


14 replies on “About”

I just discovered your blog. You have skills now that are needed in most occupations. I graduated from an English University in the 60s with a degree in Mathematics and felt very uneducated and had no ability to communicate the ideas I developed in my technical job. If we had gone back to the UK after the six months we were committed to I would have enrolled in the Open University. However after 30 years in the US I went back to school here and got a BA and then MA in English literature after taking required courses in everything from Anthropology and Geography to Linguistics and French. I finally felt educated. It has changed my ability to analyze, evaluate and communicate information and ideas. Research shows that while job specific technical skills need be taught as their requirements change often, the ability to understand and communicate ideas gained in humanities degrees is essential and underlies everything you do and is highly valued by employers in every field.
Congratulations on your achievement. I hope you find where you happily fit soon.

Thank you so much, Pat! Congratulations on your achievement too. :) I definitely feel that there is a great deal to be gained from a humanities degree, and I agree that one the most important things you can learn is critical thinking. It’s one of the things I began to notice around my second year of university – I found I was thinking about and analysing not just literary texts but the world around me more critically and attentively. I’d like to think I’ve kept getting better at that over time. :)

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