Summer Plans, And All That Stuff

summerplansCue dramatic music, please… because I am finally ready to resume normal life. Yes, that’s right, I’ve finally finished my university work for this year. That means that I can now return to regularly programmed human activities, such as showering, holding conversations that last for more that fifteen minutes (and are related to something other than essays and assignments), and actually, you know, leaving the house more than twice a week.

So what have I got planned for my extended summer holidays? Well, I can’t say for sure yet, but I can say with some certainty that it will involve a lot of books. And there are definitely several things I’m longing to catch up with on this blog too. I have several months’ worth of book reviews waiting to see the light of day, and many more on my to-read list. So here’s some of the things you can expect from this blog (provided, of course, my natural laziness doesn’t make me as slack a poster this summer as I was while I was still studying, of course):

Let’s be honest, this is how the first twenty-one days are likely to go.
  1. I will finally, FINALLY post my remaining review of my Austen in August read. Yes, that’s right, I still have one more book review to go. Let’s see if I can get it out before December, shall we?
  2. A while ago Dani from onlybooksandhorses very kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award, which, I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve yet to pass on. So expect to see this post coming to you very soon!
  3. I’m also going to try and knock a few more titles off my Classics Club List, as well as finish the Back to the Classics challenge for this year.
  4. I’d like to try a new segment or two as well, including one where I look at film/TV adaptations of books. I know, I know, it’s not exactly original, and there are lots of bloggers who do it much better than I ever could, but I love watching adaptations and I just love talking about them. I’d also like to start a segment called, perhaps misleadingly, ‘Forgotten Classics’, where I look at less well-known titles by famous authors, and perhaps some actual classics that were once popular but are now virtually unknown.
  5. Ah, the 2015 reading challenges. Although I’m terrified of commitment, there are quite a few brilliant ones I’m considering joining, including the Literary Movement Challenge, and the Reading England Challenge.
  6. I’m very fond of online university courses being posted up, free, for the public to listen to. Yale, Harvard, and a bunch of other great universities all do this. There’s nothing better than being able to learn – and enjoy learning – without the press of clashing assignments, four thousand word essays, and dreadful deadlines. I’ve already got a few units lined up; because drama (and particularly Renaissance drama) has always been a bit of a fear of mine, I’d like to listen to two lecture series: a Harvard one about Shakespeare’s later plays, and an Oxford one called Not Shakespeare, which looks at Renaissance plays not written by Shakespeare, which sounds very interesting. I’d also like to tackle my deathly fear of Literary Theory (that’s Theory with a capital T, i.e., the scary kind) with a Yale course that last year was nigh on incomprehensible to me. Now, with an extra year of university education under my belt, I’d finally like to tackle the terrors of Theory. It’s a resolution I may yet regret….

So, there you have it; a very small and incomplete list of book and blog-related things that I’d like to do with my summer. Thank you for stopping by my blog in these past months, and I hope that I’ll soon have something much more exciting for you to read. In the meantime, enjoy your summer/winter reading (depending on which hemisphere you currently reside in)!


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4 replies on “Summer Plans, And All That Stuff”

So glad to see you back! I’ve missed your insightful posts! And it was fun to read about your plans.

I took a couple of free courses this last semester, one on Shakespeare: Page and Stage and one on Dante’s Inferno. They were through the edX platform and they were okay, but a number to the students were raving about FutureLearn which is out of the UK. A few of them had taken courses there and felt they were superior. I’m going to take a course on Hamlet through them which starts in January. In the edX course, we studied 6 plays in 12 weeks, in the FutureLearn one, we’ll study one play in 6 weeks so it should be interesting!

I hope that you have a wonderful summer (it’s -7 C here, so even the word “summer” sounds like music) and great success with your reading! I look forward to your reviews!

Thanks so much, Cleo! I’ve missed posting as well. :D I haven’t taken any free courses yet; so far I’ve only listened to lectures on iTunesU. Doing a course sounds much better, though; it means you can test your knowledge and get feedback on your work as well. I might have a look at a few, and see which ones pop out. For now, I’m still reeling from post-university shock. :)

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