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Top Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

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So it’s been a while since I’ve done a Top Ten Tuesday list, but this week the topic is definitely one that tends to occupy the minds of us bookish types – how can you recognise a book lover? Well, here’s my humble attempt at a field guide to your garden-variety bookworm (helluo librorum vulgaris).

Top Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

1. You regularly have dreams about characters from books that are more vivid than the dreams you have about your friends and family.

2. When you get married, you and your future spouse will register at Waterstones.

3. You have your local secondhand bookstore on speed dial.

4. You feel physical pain when you see someone dog-earing the pages of a book.

5. When you’re feeling down, your loved ones know not to send you edible arrangements – they’re to send you readable arrangements.

6. You have a small arsenal of witty and/or wise quotations by your favourite author that are suitable for every occasion. You regularly use them.

7. You are of the firmly-held belief that sleep is less important than finishing that book that you just can’t put down. (And indeed it is.)

8. Your Etsy wishlist features the following: mugs with your favourite book quotations, posters featuring your favourite book covers, and t-shirts with grammar puns on them.

9. On more than one occasion, you have tried out a recipe for no other reason than that the book you were reading contained a description that made it sound so incredibly delicious that you simply couldn’t resist. (In my case, it was coconut cream cake from A Series of Unfortunate Events. And believe me, it lived up to the hype.)

10. Packing for your next trip more closely resembles a flash sale at a secondhand bookstore.

How do you recognise a book lover when you see one?


6 replies on “Top Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover”

i like lists but they sort of create a black and white frame of mind and i can’t ever figure out which category i fit into at any given time… kind of like Alice in Wonderland… of course that’s the classic decision making thing where whatever you do is wrong; very familiar with that… did you read Catch 22?

Ha ha. I’m definitely guilty of packing too many books for vacation – not that you can take too many books, they just don’t always fit in your suitcase. My husband always says all I need is the Kindle app on my phone, but that screen is TINY and what if I can’t charge it? I always travel with my phone, my iPad, and at least one physical book. JUST IN CASE. It pays to be prepared. Glad I’m not the only one who gets this :)

Happy TTT!


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