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Top Ten Bookish Habits I Want To Quit

ReadingParisWe all have reading and book-related habits we’re proud of. Whether it’s a reading plan of such mind-boggling complexity that it makes government spending plans look like a toddler’s crayon drawings, or a meticulously designed reading room that required years of planning, blueprints, and trips to IKEA to get right, we’ve all got them. But for every reading habit we’re proud of, there’s also those habits we’d rather not have. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is devoted to just that.

Top Ten Bookish Habits I Want To Quit

  1. Borrowing more books from the university library than I can conceivably read in an entire year. There’s a reason libraries usually have twelve-book limits. Damn my extended postgrad borrowing privileges!
  2. Buying more books than I can conceivably read in an entire lifetime.
  3. Hyping myself up for the release of a new book and then promptly forgetting about its very existence two weeks before its intended release. And then finally reading it. Two years later.
  4. Making insanely long lists of all the books I want to read, which I always end up abandoning and eventually losing in the recesses of my desk.
  5. That irrational pang of horror I feel whenever I accidentally crease the pages of a book that I’ve been carrying in my bag.
  6. Carrying books in my bag without adequate padding or internal organisational systems. Planning is key!
  7. Panicking whenever anybody asks me what my favourite books are, and giving a long-winded answer which includes the name of not one single author.
  8. Joking about characters from books like they’re real people. Seriously, this is just embarrassing.
  9. Reading the Introduction to a classic text before I read the book. I don’t know how I am still doing this.
  10. Persevering with truly terrible books. I need to overcome my instinctive aversion to the DNF pile.

Which bookish habits are you eager to abandon?


33 replies on “Top Ten Bookish Habits I Want To Quit”

Haha this is amazing! I loved and enjoyed this so much. All of my points are literally the same as yours! I do all of those things but really great post! P.s. I love your blog

We share a lot of the same bad bookish habits. I’m really bad about buying more books than I could ever read. I’m trying to be better about it, but I’m pretty sure I have bought at least one book a week for the last 6 years. Great list! Happy reading!

I love your list! If I never buy another book, I will have plenty to read for many more years to come. Not a lifetime because I hope to live a long life, but probably close. :-) #3 is so me. Haha And #4 and #7. Even #8. With #9, we aren’t supposed to read the introduction anymore? ;-) I do that too.

Haha, I think I’m the same – I have more than enough reading material to last me a good decade or two.

I’m trying to read the Introductions to books last these days, because they often spoil plot points and don’t make a lot of sense until after I’ve read the book, but sometimes I just find myself reading them at the beginning out of habit.

Since I started keep tracking about five years ago, I think I’ve abandoned one book. I really should have dropped more. I have the tendency to just let them ruin reading for me instead.

I am guilty of buying, way, way more books than I can read in a couple of years, but I refuse to read a bad book to its bitter end. I just cut my losses.
I am so guilty of giving long winded answers whenever anyone asks me anything about my reading habits.

I NEED to be better at giving up on books that just aren’t enjoyable. I tend to think that they’ll come around, and I tell people that I’ll give up at 100 pages, but I never do. So many books, so little time right?

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