Spring, Study, and Other Related Things

springrelatedthings What’s that hint of warmth in the air? Is it really time to shed the scarves and socks already? Yes, sadly my favourite season of the year is drawing to an end. And although I occasionally like the breezy warmth and the petal-strewn gardens of spring, this year I’ll be spending most of my time inside, studying for my classes and bemoaning the fact that all too soon, we’ll have to apply sunscreen before going outside to check the mailbox. Thanks, Australia. Yes, the top thing on my agenda at the moment is university – which is partly the reason why my blog has once again been so quiet of late. And although I’ve managed to keep on top of all my essays and projects so far, the work has been piling up. Deadlines are looming, and it’s begun to sink in that I may be falling slightly behind on some of my projects.

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So, what have I got planned for my next posts? Well, I’ve still got some reviews from Austen in August that I’d like to share, so hopefully I’ll get those out very soon. Thanks to my classes I don’t really have time to read anything that isn’t directly related to my education; but I have a big summer reading list planned, which I hope I’ll be able to share with you all once I graduate. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the warmer weather or, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, the chance to wear scarves again!


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