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Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Bucket List

litt-shirtsTop Ten Tuesday is a regular feature over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week the theme is ‘Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List’. I have to preface this by saying that I don’t yet have an ordinary bucket list, mostly because I felt a bit silly making one up after the movie came out. But I couldn’t resist this week’s theme, because there are quite a lot of book-related things that sound too fun (or impossible; see below) to go unmentioned.

So, here goes…

Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

  1. Buy at least one t-shirt with an obscure literary quote only other lit nerds would understand. Wear it everywhere until someone finally comments on it. (I’ve got some leads on the t-shirts already; this and this for starters.)
  2. Adopt a cat. Name it either Mr Darcy or Dr Seuss.
  3. Attend the Edinburgh International Book Festival.
  4. Learn to time travel. Meet Shakespeare. After twenty minutes of hyperventilating and blind adoration, end by give him a kick for “Ken Branagh’s endless, five-hour, uncut version of Hamlet.” Because Rowan Atkinson doing it to Colin Firth/Shakespeare in that episode of Blackadder just wasn’t satisfying enough.
  5. Finally start (and finish) Ulysses.
  6. Actually start and finish Ulysses, instead of lying about intending to read it ‘as soon as I’m done with the new Bill Bryson’.
  7. Swap brains with any of the following: T.S. Eliot, Charlotte Brontë, or Margaret Atwood.
  8. Name my firstborn son Ernest, after Oscar Wilde’s hilarious play.
  9. Take my firstborn son to therapy, on account of having named him Ernest, after Oscar Wilde’s hilarious play.
  10. Stand outside a DVD store and actively discourage people from buying the Great Gatsby movie. For the good of the people.

photo credit: Neon Tommy via photopin cc (edited by me)


24 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Bucket List”

A great list (except for 5 & 6 – have no intention of EVER reading Ulysses as I hated Portrait)
Love the Blackadder clip. Yes, turned off Kenneth’s Hamlet – the kids were made comatose by it. Have you seen the Almereyda Hamlet with Ethan Hawke? (modern and clever, though not well received by critics – a very nihilistic version).
7 – I’d add George Eliot to your brain-swapping list :)

I tried to get a hold of the Almereyda Hamlet when I was studying Shakespeare a few years ago, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in Perth, which was disappointing. Branagh’s version had its moments, but mostly it was a real drag to get through. I definitely preferred his version of Henry V.

Oh my gosh I am having such a great laugh. And it hurts. Cos I fell down the stairs.
No wait. I didn’t fall down the stairs cos I was laughing.
I love your post.

Haha, I love your list! And the idea of swapping brains with T.S. Eliot – that’s genius, so you’re halfway there. I love #1, and #8, #9 and #10, basically the whole post! :)

Cracking me up! You’re poor son Ernest. :)
Don’t blame you though… I want to name my daughter Darcie Elizabeth. :)

Oh, my! This list is too awesome for words.

Will you invite to #4 once you learn how to time travel? I haven’t seen Branagh’s “Hamlet”, though, but I do love his “Henry V” :D.

I had a lot of fun reading your list, especially when you made it known your future son would be named Ernest. Gosh, I love that play. I also own a copy of Ulysses, but have only started it a couple dozen of times with no success. Has anyone actually read it? Great list.


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