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Wordless Wednesday: How Lit Students Pack

Wordless Wednesday: How Lit Students Pack

Packing for my upcoming trip. Here’s what I’ve got so far.


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It was a long time coming, but now when I pack for a trip I include my Kindle. Mostly because the relatives I visit have very poor accommodations for reading in bed. The kindle at least supplies its own light.

I finally decided to buy an ereader after years of swearing I wouldn’t. I’ve loaded at least twenty books on it in preparation for this trip; I’ll probably get through one or two. XD But it does make it easier to travel light! The only bad thing is that mine doesn’t have a light. I didn’t realise at the time exactly how useful it would be to have one.

I think that’s partly the reason I still switch between paper and digital. I feel like there are some books that I just can’t read on my ereader. I would feel really wrong reading Austen in any other format than book, I think. :)

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